Hello, I am Rocki Hoops and I want to tell you a little more about myself!

First off, I am a proud wife and mother. I feel like I must be the most fortunate person in the world to have this life and be able to do what I Love every single day and I thank GOD for that. I am a proud East Texan and am country by nature. I am insanely "laid back" and what I like to think of as REAL. If you don't want or need a photographer that is easy to get along with then I am NOT your girl :)

I have ALWAYS loved pictures! I grew up looking through magazines at models thinking "how Amazing would it be to be able to have a picture like That?!!!" I have almost always lived in smaller towns so when I decided to pursue photography I knew there had to be other people like me, who weren't models, that imagined having extraordinary pictures of themselves like you see in magazines. So in that Rockstarr&Co began and has come just a "little way"... we still have a LONG road ahead!!

I absolutely LOVE taking pictures of people! Especially the ones who don't like to have their picture made OR don't think they are photogenic. I am a super low-pressure photographer and don't ask anything out of my clients other than to be natural. I tend to take a lot of pictures in a shoot... way more than you need.. but there are always fractions of a difference between a smile or a person's eyes that make the look genuine - So why have too little when you can have more than you need?!

I do Love natural light for most of my sessions. Mostly because I hate lugging around a bunch of stuff that takes forever to set-up and makes me feel like I don't get quality time with my clients. I like a relaxed environment and anyone who has taken pictures in a studio knows that having to smile at a specific time, over and over again, makes the whole situation unrealistic and too rehearsed. I want my clients to LAUGH because the can't stop at their shoots.

I am not a rushed person and my finished images prove it. I, on average, will spend 10 hours of post-processing for one session of 10 edited images. Any reasonable person will tell you that it is very hard to look at a computer for 10 hours straight and then have LIFE on top of that. I will spend the same quality time on everyone's pictures, without rushing, before it ever leaves my hands. I care about my client's pictures even more than they do. So in doing that, editing times are NOT quick and easy. I may take more time to edit images than the other photographer that you know but it will be well worth it in the end... and you WILL have something that is truly unique and original.... Not to mention FLAWLESS!

I am so very thankful for every client and friend that I have made throughout the past few years. I wouldn't trade a single shoot for almost anything! Every shoot is a new experience and good therapy for my soul... the best medicine for even a bad day and I always learn something new about life and people.

So when you are ready to have pictures made that will last a lifetime and be as MILD to WILD as you can image them, then that's when you will call me for your next photo session!!!

Thank you all so very much for visiting my website and taking your time to see what Rockstarr&Co has to offer!!!